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07 March 2010

Omelettes with Fiddlehead Ferns & Chanterelles

Fiddlehead ferns are one of my most treasured finds in early spring. They're mostly gathered in the northwest and north midwest regions of the country but for a week or two each season they appear at my local farmers market. They're expensive here but they're wonderful and a special treat. I try to use them in a dish to feature their delicate flavor which can easily get lost when served with something more robust. They go especially well with wild mushrooms of all sorts. Tonight I'm using chanterelles as they looked so beautiful I just couldn't resist and I thought they would be divine together in a simple omelette ala 'Julia'.

I found myself watching PBS one afternoon last week as they were airing old episodes of 'The French Chef' with Julia Child from the 1980's. The episode I saw was all about omelettes and was complete with Julia tossing pans and ingredients willy-nilly over her shoulder and onto the floor, in true Julia fashion. I love that they filmed these shows in one take, bloopers and all, which makes for many hysterical moments. The episode also demonstrated in great detail how to perfectly flip the omelettes, how to prepare omelettes in your dining room for an impromptu dinner party for 300 guests, amidst other antics and lots of solid instructions. I'm attaching the link if you'd like to watch a clip of the episode. It was wonderful and hysterical and reminded me of watching her show when I was a child.

Since tonight is Oscar night I also thought this a fitting tribute to the woman who inspired the Julie & Julia film, deservingly nominated for several awards. She was truly a gem and undeniably an inspiration to all the cooks that have come after her. Bon Appetit!

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