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18 May 2010

The kitchen work begins

Since I don't have an actual kitchen to cook in at the moment and I won't for several weeks, I won't be doing much in the way of dinner making. I don't consider microwave cooking actual 'cooking' so I'll spare you the details of such events. I have yet to dive into the world of convenience foods but browsing the freezer case at Whole Foods yesterday was quite an education. I actually had no idea that so many pre-made, relatively healthy and appealing looking items even existed! I generally just walk on by all those boxes in my hunt for fresh ingredients. Perhaps before this experience is through I'll have to try some of those. Who knows, maybe this will open up a whole new world of eating for me?!

For now, my ceiling is opened up and new lighting is going in. I'm sharing the 'Before' photos and the 'Day 1' photos here. I'll be posting photos every week or so showing the progress as I sneak behind the plastic each evening to document. Hopefully the end result will be as pleasing as I imagine it to be in my mind and all this work (and dust!) will be worth it.

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